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There’s a dissolvable zero waste Body Wash out there

It’s made by Plus.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
May 1, 2021

Plus, a sustainable body care company, has just released a shower gel with fully biodegradable packaging to help everyone on this planet reduce plastic waste. With a slogan of “personal care for a happier planet,” Plus is trying to revolutionize the grooming/wellness industry.


The problem Plus is solving

When it comes to plastic waste, the makeup industry has a long way to go. The global cosmetics industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging per year, and with product packaging accounting for roughly 45 percent of landfill waste, something’s got to give.


Plus, the new eco-friendly personal care company that has developed dissolvable packaging, is attempting to make it as simple as possible for us all to leave zero waste in our shower routine. The company, which debuted last month, is the brainchild of Starface‘s creators and features a single hero product: a no-bottle, just-add-water body wash.



The product they’re offering

The body wash comes in the form of 16 single-serve shower sheets filled with an aloe leaf and shea butter formula that turns into shower gel once water is applied. It’s available in two scents and a non-scented alternative. Their website describes it like this:


“Each Body Wash sheet is wrapped in a dissolvable sachet made of wood pulp from responsibly managed FSC forests; vanishes down your drain instantly. The ink is no-tox, bio-renewable, FDA approved, and dissolves without a trace. Our certified home compostable mailers are made from a thin but sturdy layer of bio-based materials that break down into water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter.”


Julie Schott, who co-founded Plus with Brian Bordainick and Cathryn Woodruff, got the idea for the brand after having bad encounters with PR mailers while working as a beauty editor. Schott and her team set out to find practical ways to minimize personal care waste with Plus. The packaging sachets in which the sheets are delivered are made from wood pulp from responsibly managed FSC forests and dissolve in water, securely flushing the gel down the drain with you as you shower. All of these mailers are fully biodegradable.


The brand has also eliminated water from its products and uses 38% less water in production than bottled body washes by using dehydrated paper sheets. This reduction, combined with the removal of all single-use plastic, means the brand generated 80% less carbon emissions in shipping, which it offsets by validating Pachama forest improvement projects.



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The wellness industry and beauty products don’t have to be as harmful to the environment as they currently are, and this is proven by Plus. We love to see it.


You can buy the Plus Body Wash in “Cloud,” “Summer,” and “Waves” scents now for $16.50 each.


Photos via Plus