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POC, these are the Job Boards set up to hire you

Diversity matters.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 14, 2020

With the recent uproar on the killings of Black men and women, numerous organizations, brands and companies are seeking out people of color for hire. Many companies also specialize in tools and job boards for African Americans, Latinxs, Asians and other groups of color. The question is, what are the best job boards for POCs? Glad you asked.


African Americans:

HBCU Connect: The list and industries that HBCU Connect has access to is endless. Founded in 1999, this is a perfect resource for HBCU students and alumni, as they help recruit graduates from HBCU.  Owned by the same company that produces and, they promote jobs for qualified Black candidates. 

Black Career Network: Provides a professional network for African-Americans.


Latinx Americans: Home to the largest resume database of qualified Hispanic and bilingual job candidates. Filled with updated jobs for Hispanic and Latinxs that are incredibly well-paying jobs. 


Asian Americans:

Asian Hires: Candidates will have access to over 65,000 jobs. 

NAAAP Career Center: National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), is an online community connecting Asian and minority professionals to opportunities around the globe.


Overall Diversity:

Diversity Inc: Perfect for diversity and LGBT candidates.