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A comprehensive list of POC organizations and communities in media

7 essentials.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 27, 2020

Navigating the professional world as a creative can be tricky. As a POC, it can be tricky, frustrating and unfair. In efforts to bring you more resources, we have created this weekly column to inspire the fight and share tried-and-true tips and tricks for all aspects of your career. Up first: a comprehensive list of POC organizations and communities in media. 


The Black Lives Matter movement has inspired a lot of organizations to rethink how they treat people of color, Black people in particular. To get the ball rolling, we compiled a list of groups and organizations in media that supports POC. Our hope is that hiring managers and senior leaders will glance at this list when hiring a new team member. Even if you aren’t hiring, support the movement and consider building a partnership or making a donation. What we’re really saying is there are a lot of good resources out there, this being one of them – take advantage of it and help end systemic racism. And if you’re looking for a job, consider the below companies that have POC organizations in place. 


BLACKPRINT at Meredith Corporation

“BLACKPRINT aims to connect, empower and celebrate the notable contributions of African-Americans in the world of media and entertainment – and for the culture.” Throughout the year, BLACKPRINT holds events open to Meredith employees and the public, bringing a safe and fun environment for POCs. 


Contact: [email protected]


Asian American Association (A3) at Meredith Corporation

“Asian American Association (A3) supports Meredith’s inclusion initiatives and seeks to empower its members for success through leadership and professional development, community outreach and cultural awareness.”


Conexión (Latinx Network) at Conde Nast

“Conexión exists to connect Latinx employees throughout the company, to support the business by serving as a resource for diverse Latinx perspectives, and to inspire the next generation of Latinx talent in the global media industry.”


Conde Nast NOIR (Black Employee Network)

“NOIR advocates for the advancement of the Black/African American voice at Condé Nast. The group focuses on collaborating with various teams to increase African American content, discover new revenue streams, and build external community and partnerships. Through events, outreach, and mentorship, NOIR works to create an involved and highly visible black employee community.”


Hearst Black Culture

Co-founded by Arianna Davis, Digital Director of, HBC “ is a space created for people of color to feel safe and comfortable to be themselves.”


Hearst LatinX

Hearst LatinX is a community “composed of editors, video producers, designers, photographers, strategists and more who come together to share their stories and build community.”


Hearst APPI

“Hearst AAPI, or HAAPI for short, is a new affinity group at Hearst Magazines aiming to create an employee community of Asian American and Pacific Islanders where ideas, connections, awareness, and culture can be celebrated through events, mixers, and community outreach. We welcome all members who identify as AAPI or are allies to our community.”