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Fire Finds: Porsche eBike Sport & eBike Cross

Made to match the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo.

words by: Matt Peng
Mar 5, 2021

Bicycle collaborations are totally fitting for these times are consumers not only look towards alternatives to cars, ride shares and public transportation, but also with a clearer and more conscious approach to being environmentally friendly. We’ve already seen luxury pieces like Lamborghini’s edition of the Cervélo’s R5 bike in a previous Fire Finds post as well as a spotlight on the Maison TAMBOITE x Louis Vuitton bike. Now, Porsche has designed two eBikes alongside fellow countryman ROTWILD for the eco-conscious cyclist.



The eBike Cross and eBike Sport were made to match Porche’s latest luxury EV (electric vehicle), the Taycan Cross Turismo – which starts at a little over $90,000 USD for the baseline 4 package and goes well north of $188,000 for the Turbo S version. Drawing from their deep knowledge of vehicles, Porsche has engineered these bikes with full-suspension carbon fiber frames which allow them to handle their SHIMANO motor in assisting you to a pedaling top speed of 25km/h, roughly 15.5 mph. The sleekness of the overall design allows for gear shifts and the brakes to be hidden in the handle bars while a SHIMANO color display tells you all your bike’s vitals. That’s not all the comforts you’ll receive either. The bike is also equipped with top-of-the-line MAGURA brakes and a hydraulic seat that has an adjustable seat post.


While both bikes are offered in three frame sizes (S, M, L), the Cross comes in a dark grey color while the Sport dons white. The retail on the Cross is £7,650.00 GBP (~$10,650 USD) while the Sport is retailing for £9,600.00 GBP (~$13,400 USD). What does the extra money get you? The Sport has a beefier SHIMANO EP8 motor, fox dampers and Continental Speed King tires. Both bikes with into the optional bike rack for the new Taycan Cross Turismo. While this 5-door wagon/SUV crossover may well be out of the budget for many of us, the bikes are slightly more affordable – both are actually well in the competitive range of top-notch road bike competitors.


For now, those across the pond will be able to flex these dope new Porsche eBikes before us. Porsche is promising to launch them at Porsche One Marketplace by the end of March and to contact your local dealership if you’re in the market for ordering.



Photos via Porsche