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Ray-Ban Stories are Ray-Ban and Meta’s first smart glasses

Are you copping?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 25, 2022

With Ray-Ban Stories, the already famous sunglasses brand ushers in a new era of hands-free connectivity that enables wearers to interact with their environment. Ray-Ban’s iconic frames remain, but with the addition of smart features through a collaboration with Meta.


Retailing at $299 USD, these frames are made for people who are interested in expanding their horizons when it comes to capturing and recording content in a new way. Smart glasses have been in development and rising in popularity recently, and these Ray-Ban Stories in partnership with Meta come equipped with advanced video and photo capabilities while retaining the classic style of Ray-Bans.


According to the press release by Meta:

“With Ray-Ban Stories’ dual integrated 5MP cameras, you can take photos and videos hands-free using your voice or the glasses’ built-in capture button. The glasses also have built-in streamlined, open-ear speakers, as well as a three-microphone audio array that delivers rich voice and sound transmission for calls and videos. Using the Facebook View app for iOS or Android, you can easily import, edit, and share your photos or videos to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, and others.”


The glasses can be activated at concerts or during special everyday moments, thanks to a little power switch located at the inside corner of the frames.


Despite being an extremely futuristic accessory, Ray-Ban Stories’ design has taken privacy issues into account by making it clear when someone is recording. An LED light above the camera turns on whenever someone chooses to take a picture or to record using the glasses, followed by the shutter sound if it’s a still picture.


Even in the most impromptu situations, people have a window of time to get ready and get their photo-face on. Whether Ray-Ban Stories are worn during daytime or at night, built-in light adjustment technology delivers the best settings for each circumstance.


You can choose the style that’s best for you from 20 versions of Ray-Ban Stories, including the Wayfarer/Wayfarer Large, Round, and Meteor, five colors, and a variety of lenses including clear, sun, transition, and prescription. The smart glasses have a specifically made portable charging case that makes it simple to recharge and preserve your glasses while you’re on the go. You can use your glasses for 3 days in a row with a fully charged case.


Ray-Ban Stories are available for purchase at select Ray-Ban stores and online at They are priced at $299. You can also head to Ray-Ban’s Instagram Shop to virtually try on a pair and decide if it’s for you.


In related news, Apple is coming to market with its own smart glasses soon.


Photo via Ray-Ban