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Coronavirus, Police Brutality – a list of reasons to Vote this November

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 9, 2020

The embarrassment of watching the first presidential debate last week, left me – and millions of others – uncomfortable and exhausted. Both candidates were childish, used finger-pointing tactics and disrespected each other on so many levels. Personally, both Biden and Trump are not fit for the role but that doesn’t mean I won’t vote. As American citizens, voting is our right and a step in the direction of change for systems we don’t agree with. If you aren’t yet registered or need some help in understanding why your vote matters, please read the below.


Every Vote Counts

Think about it. The outcome of an election is solely based on the people who vote. No matter what your feelings are, if the results come November 3rd, you have no right to share your opinion if you didn’t vote. 


Quality of Life

If 2020 woke you up to racism, I have two things to say to you: What took you so long and what will you do now that you know? Police brutality has existed for decades but was often discussed in marginalized groups only. With the death of George Floyd, a lot of white Americans have been allies and accomplices for people of color. But it’s not enough to change culturally, we must also change and create policies that protect marginalized communities – voting is one of the ways to do this.  


COVID-19 / Health 

America has never conducted an election amidst a pandemic. That in itself is telling. Research both candidates’ stance on COVID-19 and how to fix it, and vote accordingly. 


Do It For Those Who Can’t

America has many laws that disable certain individuals from voting. Take advantage of the privilege you have in voting and be a voice for those who aren’t affording the luxury. 

Voting is your civic duty. Please don’t waste it. Here are additional tips for helping make sure your ballot isn’t rejected.