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3D-printed meat is coming soon, but… what is it?

Redefine Meat coming soon.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 11, 2020

Ever thought you’d hear the phrase: Coming soon to a printer near you… steaks!? Well, get used to it. Plant-based steaks are real, and they are, apparently, printable. 


Redefine Meat, a start-up that was founded in 2018, is planning on launching 3D printers that produce plant-based steaks to engage with an ever-growing alternative meat market. It’s no news to anyone that beef may be a thing of the past very soon, so scientists and engineers rushed to create alternatives. Meat substitutes have become increasingly popular – think Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Now, Redefine Meat is set to market its first “Alt-Steak” at high-end restaurants later in 2020, before fully bringing out the industrial-scale 3D printers to various restaurants and meat distributors in 2021. 


A 3D printed steak will mimic the muscle structure of animal meat. Think something as dystopian as the human-robot machines in Westworld, except your meat will not be (spoiler-alert) sentient.


Redefine Meat raised more than $6 million in 2019, and that may have been due to the ever-looming environmental crisis as well as a market that is waiting for a breakthrough in manufactured plant-based meat substitutes that, well, look the part. 


The alternative meat market sales could reach up to “$140 billion by 2029, about 10% of the world meat market,” according to Reuters. Some are already rushing to buy stocks in the company and the market.


This unique 3D printed plant-based meat alternative, especially if produced on an industrial widespread scale, could really be revolutionary in the way we continue to go about our lives. We’re kind of into it!


Photo via Redefine Meat