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Top resources for those looking to continue Dry January

They really do work.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 6, 2022

Every single January, for the past four years, I’ve participated in Dry January. As a gift to myself and life, for 31 days straight, I don’t drink. Every year, I experience tons of short- and long-term effects of not drinking—no hangovers included.


Many people might not think the occasional pint of beer or glass of wine won’t be a concern. But, drinking even the slightest amount of alcohol can lead to unwanted consequences. After seeing how much weight I gained in 2021 due to the pandemic, I decided that my dependence on alcohol during social and non-social situations needed to be observed. The physical effects of all the drinking were enough to have me reconsider the length of time I was doing Dry January.


Not drinking the month of January is always one of my best decisions the first quarter of the year. I always want to do it through Easter and see it as something I give up during Lent one season, but for whatever reason, I always have loads of birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorettes, and weddings to attend the first couple months of the year, so I am never able to fully do 4 months of absolutely no alcohol. However, I’ve been educating myself with books and podcasts out there who’s sole goal is to keep consistent with not drinking.


Now 4 weeks later of no alcohol, I have been able to have really good mental health, decreased my weight and have experienced much better sleep. For however long you might be doing Dry January, the below resources will be vital in your path to a life with no drinking. Ahead, there are some books, podcasts, and communities to help you through.


Join a community

Accountability and friends to do it with is paramount in this journey, especially if you are quitting for good. In the apps below, you’ll find individuals who don’t drink ever, or don’t drink often, that you can connect with. It’s all about finding a tribe of like-minded individuals who are on the same lifestyle changes and drinking habits you are, helping to stay on track.

  • Sober Black Girls Club: Full of resources and inspiration, Sober Black Girls Club offers support for Black girls, woman, and femmes living or interested in living a sober life.
  • Sober Conscious Collective: Created by Sarah Pretorius, this support group helps people share their relationship with alcohol, explore triggers, and help discover the why behind unhealthy drinking patterns.


You might also be thinking about downloading an app to help you along the way.

  • Reframe: Reframe is the #1 alcohol reduction app. It was created for users who are cutting back or are through drinking forever. When you join that app, you’ll experience healthier habits, evidence-based tasks, and a comprehensive toolkit to help you stay on track.
  • Sober Space: If you are on the go a lot, the Sober Space app is perfect for you. It’s designed to build friendships and offer activities and events for non-drinkers.


Self-help books that will help non-drinkers


Another important thing to remember on your journey is that you’re not alone. These resources are great ways to remind you of that, and that change doesn’t have to be linear. It’s all about taking that important first step. Also, a healthy gut is important for great skin.