Celebrate return to old norms with our ‘We Back Outside’ Playlist

Some of the hottest tracks out.

words by: Kai Acevedo
May 18, 2021

Are you ready for a return to old norms? Spring officially sprung in March, but here in New York City it takes a while to feel the vibes. Now that the weather is warmer and the Mister Softee jingle can be heard all throughout the five boroughs, we can comfortably say that the spring and summer season has arrived. And since COVID-19 recovery efforts are in full effect statewide, Spring 2021 is running parallel with the race to reopen New York City.


Both the COVID-19 positivity rate and hospitalizations due to the coronavirus have fallen to the lowest levels since November in the state of New York. And more than seven million New Yorkers have been fully vaccinated. Under Governor Cuomo’s orders, bars and restaurants are staying open later in the City that Never Sleeps and curfews for both indoor and outdoor dining are being lifted on May 19, as the state adopts the CDC’s new mask guidelines for vaccinated individuals.


In the coming weeks, capacity limits will no longer be an issue at movie theaters, museums, outdoor venues, zoos, comedy clubs, casinos and office buildings located within NYC.


“Everything we’ve been doing is working – all the arrows are pointing in the right direction and now we’re able to increase economic activity even more. Lifting these restrictions for restaurants, bars and catering companies will allow these businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic to begin to recover as we return to a new normal in a post-pandemic world,” said Governor Cuomo.


Lockdowns and restrictions aren’t the only COVID-19-related things that may soon be in the past. Thanks to the newly updated CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated New Yorkers can go for walks and bike rides and attend small outdoor gatherings without having to wear a mask. New York residents are breathing a little easier nowadays and for a few good reasons. We are about to be back outside! Most New Yorkers will soon be able to rediscover freely venturing outside, dining in with friends and family, attending sporting events and turning up at concerts.


In honor of the return to old norms and welcoming new beginnings, we put together a playlist to help encapsulate this historic moment in time.


Whether experiencing spring in NY or not, the latest songs from the likes of Cardi B, Doja Cat, Drake, DJ Khaled, Lil TJay, Young Thug and others can help usher in a return to normalcy. Get back in the swing of things, enjoy those spring festivities and also check out ULTRA’s We Back Outside Playlist.



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