‘The Batman’ actor Paul Dano to co-write “Riddler: Year One”

When art imitates life.

words by: Alee Kwong
Apr 13, 2022

If you thought that the extent of Paul Dano’s time as The Riddler was over, think again. While we don’t know what director Matt Reeves has planned for Edward Nashton in future Batman projects, Paul Dano and European illustrator Stevan Subic are hard at work when it comes to expanding on the story of Dano’s character in a six-issue DC Black Label limited series.


The limited series will explore the background of how accountant Edward Nashton went from an anonymous Gotham citizen to becoming Batman’s nemesis, the Riddler, setting in motion a chain of events that lead up to The Batman.


DC Comics announced Dano’s comicbook writing debut on Twitter, accompanied by a first look teaser image. The teaser features glasses atop scattered files and papers with the title scratched across a document. There is also the phrase “question everything” written on the desk, and what appears to be a green receipt with a question mark written over it.



Despite The Batman being a 3-hour-long film, The Riddler only received 15 minutes of screen time. Considering his short appearance (in comparison to characters like Batman and Catwoman), The Riddler garnered a large internet fanbase, leaving many wanting more from this mysterious character.


A handful of Batman characters have been given the “Year One” treatment over the decades, most famously in 1987’s Batman: Year One (the legendary comic written by Frank Miller that Matt Reeves frequently listed as one of his main inspirations for The Batman) and 2003’s Batgirl: Year One by Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon and Marcos Martin.


“Year One” tales are usually presented as origin stories set within DC’s core comic book universe, while Riddler: Year One is specifically intended as a prequel to The Batman. Dano has expressed his interest in comic books and pointed out that his personal favorite Batman comics involve the Court of Owls, the villains introduced as part of the 2011 Batman reboot The New 52.


The Batman is now in theaters, and Riddler: Year One is set to launch in October 2022.


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Photo via DC/Frank Ockenfels/Warner Bros. Pictures