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TikTok Trend: What is root clipping?

Are you trying this?

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 15, 2022

It seems like every day, there is a new TikTok trend floating around the platform. Some obviously better than others, and some that are downright ludicrous. Today’s is root clipping, the trend that is said to add volume to limp hair. It’s said to work best on wavy and curly hair, adding volume to curls without damaging the hair at all.


Essentially, you place clips throughout your hair to encourage volume at the scalp. The clips are strategically placed at the crown of the head where volume is needed and left to air dry. Use metal or plastic clips, although as told on TikTok, metal clips have a gentler grip. Thicker hair works better with plastic, as they’re stronger, and can work their way into texture better.


The major benefit of root clipping, of course, is to get movement and a natural lift that lasts way better than a blowout. It also provides a beautiful heatless alternative. However, you must do this when the hair is wet. The cuticle is more flexible when wet, as it closes when hair is dry—decreasing its flexibility. To do root clipping, determine the level of volume you desire. Look in the mirror and style your hair in the shape you would like it to be. Add clips to the top or side based on your style.


When inserting the clips, it’s good to remember that the more clips you add, the more volume your hair will have. Always follow each clip with a volumizing spray, like hairspray or a texture cream/mist. After the hair dries properly (blow dryers are okay), gently remove the clips slowly to prevent frizz.


Next, keep away from heavy creams that will weigh hair down. Instead, stick to a shine spray or a very light leave-in conditioner that will maintain volume while moisturizing and conditioning your hair’s texture.


The best part about this new buzzy technique is that it works on all hair types. Although again, it’s best on curly or wavy hair. It also helps the hair look bouncy and light weight. It should be noted though, that if you have pin-straight hair, clips tend to leave an indentation on the hair since there isn’t a bend for the clip to attach to. For volume, you’ll receive better results with a traditional blowout.


If you want the best curls, it’s time to switch to a silk pillowcase.


Photo via @senseofbeautybystephanie