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Samsung is repurposing fishing nets for Galaxy devices

More sustainability in tech? Yes, please.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 16, 2022

Samsung Electronics has announced that it will begin reusing abandoned fishing nets in the ocean for its new Galaxy handsets. The Galaxy S22, the company’s top smartphone, will be the first to use the new materials. It was unveiled at the company’s Unpacked event in February.


Samsung has invented a new material that offers “ocean-bound plastics a new lease on life,” by incorporating it into a variety of Galaxy gadgets, in a move that blends sustainability and creativity. The use of this material, which is made from repurposed ocean-bound waste fishing nets, “is another step in our Galaxy for the Planet mission, which strives to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage the Galaxy community to live more sustainable lifestyles.”


Samsung will use repurposed ocean-bound plastics in all of its products now and in the future. These gadgets will reflect the company’s continued efforts to reduce the usage of single-use plastics, and increase the use of environmentally friendly materials such recycled post-consumer material (PCM) and recycled paper. Galaxy’s future will be marked by cutting-edge product design and less environmental impact as a result of this shift.


These “ghost nets,” which total 640,000 tons each year, are a major threat to marine life, coral reefs, and other natural habitats, according to Samsung Electronics. The company did not say how much, or in what portions of the items the materials would be used, or how they would fit into the device’s architecture.


In a statement, the company shared:


“Samsung is committed to addressing ocean plastic pollution in a way that will positively impact not only the environment but also the lives of all Galaxy users […] This new technological advancement marks a notable achievement in the company’s journey to deliver tangible environmental actions and protect the planet for generations to come.”


Samsung isn’t the only corporation that has made a commitment to sustainable operations. In fact, last year, Ford said that it had made wire holders for its new Ford Bronco Sport, using recycled plastics salvaged from the oceans.  In 2020, Apple revealed that the iPhone 12 would be the first smartphone to use 100% recycled rare earth components in all magnets. It also intends to make the iPhone recyclable. Apple stated that it would continue to make progress in minimizing its carbon footprint by focusing on energy-efficient products made from renewable or recycled materials.


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Photo via Samsung