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Thing to remember when it comes to Scalp Care

Three major keys.

words by: Alee Kwong
Apr 9, 2021

Something that a lot of people forget is that our scalp is really just an extension of our faces. As gross as that sounds, we often treat our scalps terribly with harsh ingredients, hair color, and scalding hot shower water. It should go without saying, but taking care of our scalps is the key to aiding hair health, hair growth, and hair anti-aging.


1. Shampoo

The main thing here is avoiding shampoos with sulfates. We are all so used to the foaminess of shampoo and assume that the lather is what cleans our hair. The lather and suds are actually what dries out our hair and you want to be using a shampoo that has as little lather as possible. Brands like Goodfellow & Co., (MALIN+GOETZ), and Briogeo have great sulfate-free options for you to choose from.


2. Scalp brush

Using a scalp brush in the shower will help promote blood flow, address dandruff concerns, exfoliate, and promote hair growth. Alongside this bundle of benefits, using it while you are shampooing your hair will help make sure that you are evenly cleaning everything and reaching every inch of your scalp.


3. Hair oil

Just like our face, our scalp will overproduce oil when it’s too dry. Applying hair oil (jojoba and argan oil are my personal favorites) 1-2 times a week and massaging it in will balance the oil levels on our head and stop our scalp from producing those gross, slick oils that make us look grimey. Over time, our scalp will adjust to the oil application and you’ll start to see that your hair will feel better and your hair will get less oily in-between washes.