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Hey, it’s time to get a Scalp Facial

Cheers to better and cleaner curls.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 18, 2022

Most people have no problem investing in wellness. They will spend time at boutique gyms, taking class after class, or go for a massage to relax their muscles. Skincare habits are also a common activity for people. They opt for facials, botox, or other popular aesthetics. However, the one ritual people don’t always think of is scalp care.


With over 100K TikToks on #scalpcare, it’s high time to pay attention to your scalp. After all, it’s the skin on your head, so why wouldn’t you take care of it just as well as you would the skin on your body and face?


And sure, you can invest in scalp detoxes and cleansing ingredients formulated with exfoliants to clear out your pores and rid yourself of dandruff. At-home remedies, of course, will yield results. But in my experience, the best thing to do is see a professional. Enter: Scalp facials.


Developed to free your scalp of product buildup, scalp zits, oils, and so much more, scalp facials can also be done as frequently as regular facials, once a week. I recently got one and have never felt my hair be cleaner.


How a scalp facial works

The therapist will start by cleansing your scalp to reduce inflammation, regulate cell turnover, sebum production, and encourage blood flow. The process starts with a consultation from your therapist to get clarity on the products you use, how you use them, your diet, and similar lifestyle choices that could be affecting your scalp. Lastly, they will discuss your concerns, be it dandruff assistance or oily scalp.


The actual process has two steps: Exfoliation and massage. It goes beyond your wash day of shampooing, and will instead deep condition with cleanser to remove impurities and decongest areas that had been stuck—ultimately, allowing for adequate hair growth.


The final goal is to get your scalp functioning at its highest potential. The best part, regardless of how you style your hair, texture, length, or color, everyone can benefit from a scalp facial.


After I got a scalp facial, I noticed my hair follicles were a lot cleaner and my curls had more definition. This is because the pores were actually clean and my hair products were more effective.  A healthy scalp yields to healthy hair, and in order to best give it the attention it deserves, it’s high time you thought about a scalp facial.


Start off with scalp massages at home, and you’ll book a scalp facial immediately.


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