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See how this creative converted her studio into an Art Gallery

Welcome to Gallery No. 17.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 22, 2020

Walking into Gallery No. 17 feels like walking into someone’s living room in all the right ways: it’s cozy, welcoming, and most of all, full of art. 

Holly Ann, curator of Gallery No. 17 moved to NYC from the Bay Area two and a half years ago. After a friend told her about a studio space that opened up on Craigslist, she jumped on the opportunity. Sprung out of a desire to make, share, and showcase work that would otherwise go unnoticed, Holly decided to turn the studio into a part-time exhibition space.

It’s very DIY, very Bushwick, and incredibly authentic.

“I love finding and promoting artists,” declares Holly as we sat in the exhibition space on a snowy afternoon. The aim was to hone and get more creative energy flowing through the space. The motivating factor of Gallery No. 17 is collaboration and creative freedom, where artists are the directors of their own exhibitions with the assistance and guidance from the curator.

Gallery No. 17 happened very organically, and grew in a similar fashion. Since last April, the gallery has been hosting monthly shows, and the turn-out demonstrates how needed such a space is. Though the focus is on female, queer, and non-binary folks, the key to getting a show at the gallery is plain and simple: good work.

Holly says she seeks to build meaningful relationships with the artists the gallery showcases, out of a desire and need to build a community and take the pressure off exhibiting and the art world galore. “It’s a casual space, some DIY, and a little bit of anarchy.” 

Located at Myrtle Light Studios, a multi-use creative art studio building in Bushwick, Gallery No. 17 provides an inclusive community art space, open to artwork and performances of all kinds. The space can shape-shift and accommodate a variety of artistic expressions: for example, an artist is going to have a performance in the half lofted studio, and in that way holistically use the entire space. 

The gallery just presented its first photography exhibition since its inception by New York-based Spanish photographer Albert Font. It’s no doubt why the artist chose Gallery No.17 to showcase their work — a space where conversation, connection, and inspiration are abundant.

For more information on upcoming shows, you can visit the gallery’s website here or follow them on Instagram.