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Serena Williams’ Design Building debuts on the Nike campus

An art gallery inside and out.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
May 19, 2022

Nike, which just launched its Athlete Think Tank and celebrated its 50th anniversary, is maintaining steady growth as a more creative, diverse, and inclusive organization. In keeping with their mission and striving to constantly redefine the future of activewear, Nike debuted the Serena Williams Design Building on its campus in Beaverton, Oregon.


The building is set to be the artistic hub of the Nike campus, where 1,000 designers will work, brainstorm, cooperate, and develop the company’s future. Various buildings and structures dedicated to great athletes make up the campus, among them LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and many others.


Nike chose to work with sports world stars who are considered to be pioneers and change makers. Serena Williams is the latest addition to an already stellar list, and that’s not only because she’s one of the best tennis players, but also because she’s an artist and known advocate for diversity.



The building is not only meant to be a space for the perpetuity of the company’s futuristic vision, but it also boasts a futuristic architectural structure with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city’s landscape. The design studio sits on the 4th floor, with fabrics hanging in rows in every color imaginable to the human eye. This is the space where artists will experiment with materials, create sketches, and come up with new ideas for prototypes.


On campus, there is also a more casual art studio where artists and creators can experiment with screen printing, paint, yarn, and many other techniques. Serena Williams’ Design Crew, designing Williams’ activewear and athleisure collection with Nike, has grown to like this studio.


The building functions like an art gallery from the inside out, with colorful murals on key accent walls, wood etchings of Nike prints, custom rugs made by a variety of international artists, as well as several creative hubs that connect to the central bridge of the building.


Nature is also highlighted in the structure and given as much importance as the manmade work. Every floor of the building is reminiscent of a different ecology of Oregon. For example, the lobby is modeled after a rainforest, the 4th floor (where the designers work) is high desert, and the highest floor offers city views, with a garden planted with Williams’ favorite flowers.



As Nike celebrates its 50th anniversary, along with the opening of Serena Williams Design Building, the company vows to continue combining ambition with imagination and innovation—especially when it comes to its commitment to diversity and a sustainable future.


You can enter the Serena Williams Design Building here.


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Photo via Nike