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Should I buy a Shaving Brush?

More than just a tool.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 31, 2021

Fact: guys shave 20,000 times in their lives. That is a lot of time spent looking in the mirror, providing maintenance, or a full on transformation. Luckily, for those who shave, the options are endless: cutting-edge razors, dermatologist-approved shave gels, sleek aftershaves and the plethora of products in between have made a rather mundane task, a lesson in self-care. And the thing about the tools, like a shave brush, is that the time it takes to shave is quicker, better and much more luxe.


In case you don’t know, a shaving brush is a tool used to make your shave as smooth as possible. Plus it looks great sitting on your sink. But what exactly does it do and how do you use it?


Use it before a shave

As prep for the facial hairs, use a shave brush before shaving. Essentially, your skin must be stimulated before creams or gels are applied in order to penetrate and soften the hair. If you didn’t brush your hair first, the product could have a tendency of matting to the face, making it a difficult shave.


To use: Scrub vigorously in a circular motion to lift problem hairs to the surface so your razor can them cut them away.


The benefits of using a shave brush

In addition to bringing the hair to the surface, shaving brushes have many benefits. Shave brushes exfoliate the skin by raising the strands of hair, making it more receptive to a clean, smooth cut. As they often have stiff bristles, dead skin calls are removed. Likewise, it’s an amazing sensory experience. By applying soap, shaving and rinsing, shaving can be quite the meditative experience.


How to use a shave brush

First things first, wash your face with a cleanser. Starting with a clean and clear palette here is paramount – clean skin means minimal infections and hot, moist skin will open up the pores.


Follow the below steps:

  1. Wet shave brush with warm water.
  2. Apply shave cream to tip of brush.
  3. Lather cream on face in circular motion.
  4. For deeper lather, add more hot water.
  5. Shave with razor.


To maintain the integrity of your brush, it does require some maintenance. Always rinse the brush with warm water after you shave and flick to shake off any excess water.


Place brush face down on a shave stand so water drops away. Then let brush stand on counter so it can breathe.


How to select a shave brush

There are three main sizes shaving brushes come in: horse hair, boar, and badger.


Badger is more commonly used as the bristles are softer and it retains water quickly. Brushes will generally last a couple years so it’s not a crazy financial commitment.


The take away

Shaving brushes are a definite added step to any routine but it will really be the difference between a great shave and an okay shave. Plus, they are affordable, most range under $30 and have good aesthetic for any bathroom.


Now that you’re caught up to speed on all things shaving brush, it might be time to invest in shaving soap.


Photo via Grooming Lounge