Watch the new ‘She-Hulk’ trailer now

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the gamma ray tree.

words by: Alee Kwong
Jun 2, 2022

The fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced us to old and new faces (but mostly new faces). Many of the characters that Marvel Studios has chosen to include in its limitless web are generally considered to be less popular than the likes of those we have seen in previous phases. One character in particular that has since lost its popularity in modern comic book times but is now finding their way back is She-Hulk.


She-Hulk was announced in August 2019. Virtually nothing was released about what the storyline would entail. In November 2019, Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Silicon Valley) was appointed as the showrunner for the Disney+ series, with Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) being cast as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk in September 2020. In tandem with other announcements on Disney+ Day, a sneak peek at what we can expect from series included a vague introduction to the character and a quick glimpse of Jennifer Walters in her She-Hulk form.



The official trailer for the series has released, and there are mixed reviews. Many are surrounding the fact that Marvel Studios may have shied away from making She-Hulk larger than life, like she’s supposed to be. Now titled She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, the main concern fans had was the poor CGI treatment given to She-Hulk. However, it seems like Marvel Studios learned from the Sonic the Hedgehog debacle and quickly sharpened the imagery of their titular character on the Disney+ website.


While the series will follow one of the newest characters introduced into the MCU, we will be greeted by a couple of familiar faces. Mark Ruffalo will return as Bruce Banner/Hulk (AKA Jennifer Walter’s cousin, who serves as a mentor as she navigates this new identity). Tim Roth will either make a quick appearance, or play a greater role in the story, as he brings back Emil Blonksy/Abomination. We have briefly seen the Abomination once before in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but his larger purpose in the MCU has yet to be revealed.


In the comics, She-Hulk is known for breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the reader. Essentially, She-Hulk walked so Deadpool could run. Not only will this character bring the first wind of fourth wall breaking into the MCU, but she will bring a much needed reboot to how women are portrayed within the MCU.


Jennifer Walters doesn’t consider herself a superhero. She just wants to be “a normal, anonymous lawyer.” When her friend suggest that Walters could be an Avenger, she quickly replies, “Oh, I’m not a superhero. That is for billionaires and narcissists and adult orphans…for some reason.”


She-Hulk will premiere exclusively on Disney+ starting August 17.


There are already talks about season 2’s direction for She-Hulk.


Photo via Marvel