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Should Skincare products be refrigerated?

Short answer: some should.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 4, 2021

Typically when I buy groceries, I will store the food exactly how I find them. If I buy it in the refrigerator section, it will be placed in my fridge. If I find it on a shelf, I’ll store it in my pantry. What I’ve learned is the same can’t always be followed with skincare products.


Yes, at stores skincare is usually placed on shelves in room temperature, but I often find some of my products last longer when I refrigerate them. It begs the question: should skincare products be refrigerated?


What happens when it gets cold?

Ultimately, the decision to store in the fridge is up to you. It ends up coming down to the stability of the formula in the product. Certain ingredients react strongly to temperature, humidity, and UV light. Before products are seen in stores, they go through rigorous testing in all these elements to verify the product can sustain any atmosphere. It turns out, storing products in the fridge could change the consistency of the product. Basically, the temperature could be too extreme for certain formulas.


What about the shelf life?

Refrigeration doesn’t always lead to preservation. Sometimes it can prolong the life of the product, other times it might not. Experts recommend refrigerating de-puffing products as the coolness will help with inflammation. Products formulated with natural ingredients and Vitamin C can benefit from the cold.


Now that you know, make sure to save a little extra room in the fridge for your skincare products.