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Fire Finds: Sket-One x CZee x Clutter Magazine “SKETCHUP CANBOT”

words by: Matt Peng
Feb 5, 2021

I’ve been a fan of Sket-One for a minute cause I love the way he brings together the worlds of toys, food and art. His Kid Robot collaborative “Sketracha” DUNNY was one of the first toys I actually camped out for back in the day at the Kid Robot NY store (RIP). Now, he’s teamed up with Clutter Magazine and fellow artist CZee to create a ketchup bottle spray can toy that all food lovers can enjoy. This week’s Fire Finds reminds us all that even though our age has gone up, we’re still all children at heart.



The “SKETCHUP CANBOT” toy is perfection to me. The posture of the ketchup bottle that has taken on the form and personality of a spray can instantly conveys the message of food is art and art is food (for the mind and soul). When I’m staring down an In-N-Out Double-Double Animal Style out on the West Coast, I can guarantee you I have that same posture and look.


These will be a limited edition toy and only 300 will be released so get your $85 ready and head over to today at 12pm EST to purchase.



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