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7 bad things to stop doing before bed

Don’t drink things.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 18, 2020

Falling asleep can be particularly difficult this year amidst Coronavirus death tolls, the election, racism and everything else that troubles us. It’s been too easy to have the news circuit on 24/7, to scroll on our phones before bed, to worry about tomorrow’s problems, to shut off from WFH life, or to fall asleep with the TV on. Just as there are good things to do to promote sleep, there are just as many bad things to do that prevent or prolong sleep. If you’re finding it difficult to sleep, allow the following no’s to ease you into rem. 


Don’t … use electronics before bed



Don’t … work up a sweat before bed

Working out is great in managing stress and pertaining to health levels but don’t do a strenuous or cardio workout close to bedtime. The result could be too much energy and high heart rates preventing you from settling into a relaxing sleep.  


Don’t … take a hot bath/shower

It’s easier to sleep when you’re cool and your body temperature generally cools as the day progresses. Meaning, it’s in a perfect state for sleep sans bath. A bath or shower will heat your body and make it harder to cool down again. 


Don’t … turn the heat on

I know we are just coming out of summer so this is a future note. Although winters get cold, sleeping with the heater on is a no-go. “Science proves that most of us get our best sleep in ambient temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, so we suggest you dial the thermostat back,” noted


Don’t … drink caffeine

It’s not just coffee that has caffeine, it’s teas, sodas, hot chocolate and so much more. It’s best to avoid these items as they can make you jumpy and extra alert. 


Don’t … drink loads of water

As someone who drinks a lot of water, this one always gets me. Drinking a ton before bed will cause you multiple bathroom trips throughout the night so just erhm, don’t.  


Don’t … check your work email

You’re already working from home. Checking in with the office could stir up nervous or agitated feelings. 


Are you seeing clouds yet? Here are some other sleep tips for a great night of shut eye.