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“Slugging” is the newest Skincare trend that will save your dry Skin

words by: Alee Kwong
Feb 15, 2021

I thought that if I stayed inside I would avoid the pain that is dry skin this winter. I found out the hard way that my windows are not completely sealed, so every time it’s brick outside, the cold chill seeps into my window and I am forced to blast the heater. The bitter New York winter has escaped blame this year.  Now that we are at the tail-end of the winter season, I can say for certain that all issues have been exclusively with my heater and how dry it has made my skin night after night.


I recently found out about this new Korean skincare trend called “slugging” – stay with me. All it requires is your nightly skincare routine and, wait for it, Vaseline. Yes, that Vaseline. Vaseline has an ingredient called petrolatum (not to be confused with petroleum – ick) which is a key ingredient in sealing/trapping moisture. If you’re like me and have the heater on for most of the day, you probably experience transepidermal water loss. All that means is that water is evaporating off your face and causing dryness, which then leads to a variety of issues like excess oil and acne.


Applying Vaseline on top of your nightly skincare routine helps prevent transepidermal water loss. It’s pretty much the ultimate overnight mask that has you waking up with super plump, dewy, and happy skin. Obviously, this is most ideal for people with dry skin types, but if you have dry skin AND are acne-prone, I would start off with a light layer of Vaseline before jumping in too deep and slathering it on.


Anyway, catch me with Vaseline all over my pillowcase and glowy skin.