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Outside the box: essential gifts for Sneakerheads

That aren’t sneakers.

words by: Matt Peng
Nov 22, 2021

With the holidays around the corner and supply chains in shambles with no immediate solutions in sight, it’s best to start shopping as early as possible. For many of us, we have at least one sneakerhead family or friend and getting them a pair of grails might simply be out of the question. So we’re here to help you answer the difficult question of “What to gift a sneakerhead?” with some outside the box thinking. Below you’ll find some of my favorite sneaker-related items to give your picky sneakerhead loved one this holiday season.


Crease Prevention

This category is essential to keeping a pair of sneakers crispy for as long as possible. When your favorite sneakerhead isn’t doing the penguin walk outside, they’ll be able to stuff these into their kicks to keep the perfect DS out of the box shape we all love. Whether you choose to invest in full shoe trees or just toe guards, these will go a long way. Also, most of these products only cover men’s shoe sizes 6 -13 so please keep that in mind.


Angelus Shoe Tree

Angelus is known in the sneaker community as the go-to source for paints, but they make a sick shoe tree too. With over 300 5-star reviews from the community, you can rest easy buying their product. They offer it in 1 pair, 5 pairs and 10 pairs.


Buy the Angelus Shoe Tree from for $4.50 each pair.


Reshoevn8r Shoe Tree

Reshoevn8r is best known for its cleaning products (which we’ll get to) so their shoe trees are designed to be 100% washable and used during cleaning and storage. They also go the extra mile with 100% reusable/recyclable packaging.


Buy the Reshoevn8r Shoe Tree from for $18 each pair.



When it comes to price and functionality, nothing beats these IKEA shoe trees. Whether you want clear or grey, these easy-to-wipe accessories will make anyone on a budget happy.


Buy the OMSORG Shoe Tree from for $1.99.


Crep Protect Shoe Tree

When it comes to luxury, the velvet toe box of the Crep Protect Shoe Tree is unmatched. For the price point, these are my favorite of the bunch.


Buy the Crep Protect Shoe Tree from for $12 each pair.


Sneaker Shields

Sneaker Shields is the OG when it comes to toe box protection. Their product lineup has dedicated toe box guards that once inserted, allow you to walk around in comfort with them in place. They’ve also created different pieces for various materials and even specialized guards for storage only and even a lineup for your Timbs. Available in three sizes to fit your foot size, these are a no-brainer.


Buy Sneaker Shields from starting at $14.99 per pair.


Sole Trees Universal Inserts

Sole Tree also offers shoe trees but their Universal Inserts are what I’m after. Arriving in two sizes (men’s 6-11 and men’s 12-15), these resemble the cheap cardboard cutouts that Jordan Brand sneakers usually arrive with and that familiarity is key.


Buy Sole Trees Universal Inserts from for $19.99 for 2 pairs.



Let’s be honest, all sneakerheads love to keep their pairs fresh for as long as possible. But once that first stain hits, we let loose and turn them into beaters. So to bring life back into your beaters or clean off some light dust, these products will go a long way.


Jason Markk

Everyone in the industry knows Jason Markk’s name, the OG cleaner in the game. When they first launched, their product lineup included a deep cleaning solution, brush and microfiber towel wipe. Now, they’ve expanded to suede cleaners, repel sprays and my favorite, Quick Wipes. Both the Field Kit ($28) and Travel Shoe Cleaning Kit ($25) are great starting points that include all important cleaning goods.


Head over to to shop their entire shoecare lineup including the 30 pack of Quick Wipes for $30.


Crep Protect

Crep Protect offers the same core solutions like Jason Markk in the form of their cleaning solution, microfiber cloth and premium brush. Additional products I love from this brand are their Protect Eraser ($10) used to clean suede and nubuck as well as their Protect Pill ($10) which gets rid of bad smells inside your sneakers.


You can shop the entire product range via



Reshoevn8r also offers the same cleaning products that the previous two brands have but they’ve built upon the introductory kits with more premium solutions as well. For those looking to clean their sneakers by way of laundry machines, the brand sells a Sneaker Laundry Bag ($20) and Sneaker Laundry Detergent ($20).


If you’re looking for the ultimate cleaning kit, shop the Reshoevn8r Executive Cleaning Kit ($249) on



There are two types of sneakerheads — ones that keep all the OG stuff including boxes and ones that will throw out the box in place of a nice storage unit. For the ones that are obsessed with consistent translucent boxes occupying up a large part of the crib, these options will make your life easier.

Crep Protect Crates (2 Pack)

The Crep Protect Crates are blacked-out except for the drop-front magnetic closure, perfect for adding some mystery on a sneaker wall but still ensuring you find the pair you need without wasting too much time. The UV protection panels also means you can keep these near a window. While you have to put these together yourself, it’s pretty easy. The only drawback is that these will only hold up to size 13 sneakers, so big foot guys need to shop elsewhere.


Buy Crep Protect Crates from for $40 for a pack of 2.


The Container Store Large Drop-Front Shoe Box

The sneaker storage market is so lucrative that even The Container Store wanted a part of it. The clear boxes and drop-front storage is pretty standard at this point. Made from polypropylene and polystyrene, these boxes include ventilation holes and can be stacked in so many different ways.


Buy The Container Store Shoe Box for $11.99 each at


WWBeds Custom Furniture

This is for the super diehards. If you’ve ever wanted a giant life-sized sneaker box cabinet that can hold multiple pairs of sneakers, this is the move. Available in either standard ($649) or large ($830) sizing, with shipping included, you can have the storage solution of your dreams and decide whether to keep the OG sneaker boxes or chuck them later. They can even do a Jumpman cabinet for ($840).


Buy a custom sneaker box from for $649 – $840.


YankeeKicks Sneaker Storage Container

YankeeKicks has made a name for himself on Instagram as a sneaker insider with unreleased goods and leaks. And how does he protect his collection? With his own collection of storage containers of course. Available in clear or black, the assembly required drop-front boxes can be purchased in either packs of 3, 6, 10, 20, 50 or 100.


Buy the YankeeKicks Sneaker Storage Container from starting at $59.50 for 3.


Private Label Duffle Bags

Maybe I saved the best for last. Private Label has created a TSA compliant travel duffle bag that is perfect for storing your kicks both at home and for taking them on the go. Able to fit up to four pairs of heat, or two pairs and some clothes, this is the must-have holiday travel accessory for any sneaker lover in your life.


Buy the Private Label duffle bags from for $159.99.



Customization has always been a big part of the sneaker game. If you know someone that wants to experiment and get into that field, go to the best supplier out there trusted by all the top sneaker customizers — Angelus.


Angelus Direct paints and dyes

Angelus paints have been the go-to staple for customizers like Mache275, jwdanklefs and dejesuscustomfootwear for a minute. They are easy to work with and have great quality. If you’re working on leather, their dyes achieve the same effect. Right now, Angelus is having a sale on their Starter Kit (you can pick your own colors) for $29.99, their 12 Color Assortment Kit (once again pick your own colors) for $34.50 and their Basics Kit for $24.95.


Angelus paints usually cost $2.99-$3.50 for 1 oz. sizing in a range of colors and goes up to $26.99-$27.99 for a quart. Leather dyes will start at $4.50 for a 3 oz. bottle and go up to $17.99 for a quart.


Head over to to shop all their creative supplies.


Home Goods

Spending the past 1-2 years at home has had to have taught us that home goods are essential for setting the mood in our environment. Whether you’re trying to set a romantic, creative or relaxing tone, you need to surround yourself with inspiration and life. From plants to incense, these are the items to cop for your favorite sneakerhead, or even yourself.


Bodega Rose/Original Rose

Olivia Rose’s plant design studio, which recently changed its name from Bodega Rose to Original Rose, creates the dopest planters. She understands the needs of her clients and has created sneaker-inspired planters that can double as an ashtray and triple as bookends. Some of my personal favorites to shop are the Air Jordan 1 Planter ($150-$160), Nike Air Force 1 Planter ($150-$160), Nike Basketball Planter ($95-$135), Nike Dunk Planter ($150-$175), Timberland Planter ($150-$160) and Yankee Fitted Candle/Planter ($175). The cool thing is each one comes with the option of having a plant included or excluded.


Shop the entire Original Rose lineup on


Yeenjoy Studio

If you’re looking for the Rolls Royce of incense chambers, look no further than Yeenjoy Studio. We covered their Air Yeezy 2 incense chamber drop last year and if you missed out, no worries. Combining multiple cultural artifacts together into beautiful blue incense chambers is what this Chinese brand does best. Their current selection includes a beautiful Porsche 930 incense chamber for $360, sneaker head incense chamber for $500, cannabis leaf incense chamber for $250, BBC ICE CREAM collaboration incense chamber for $340, and pre-orders for a G-Wagon incense chamber for $380 and Fat Buu (Dragon Ball) incense chamber for $320.


Shop the entire Yeenjoy Studio collection of goods on


Sneaker Pots

If you want a combination of the two above — planter/incense chamber aesthetic — Sneaker Pots will be perfect. Combining the blue ceramic appeal of incense chambers with the cuteness of sneaker planters, these creations are definitely more budget friendly. You can also opt for colorway options that are timeless, like the “Bred” XIs.


Shop the entire Sneaker Pots collection on


Mr. Flower Fantastic

Okay, I officially saved the best, and most elusive, for last. Mr. Flower Fantastic creates art with flowers and whether he’s collaborating with Louis Vuitton or honoring the memory of Kobe Bryant (RIP Bean), he never misses. His releases are just as hard to acquire as is the identity of the man under the black gloves and behind the respirator mask. If you manage to land one of his creations, you will be the GOAT of this holiday season.


Follow @mrflowerfantastic on Instagram to see his latest releases and for the launch of his upcoming website.


We hope you enjoyed this little gift guide. While it isn’t the end-all, be-all, please use it as you see fit as a launch point for your holiday shopping season and happy holidays everyone!


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