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New data suggests that 2020 will focus on gender, the environment and… the 90s?

An interesting mix.

words by: Team ULTRA
Feb 2, 2020

Pinterest, although the neglected stepsister of Instagram and Facebook, remains a wildly popular form of social media. The photo-sharing website and app essentially operates as a virtual vision board, wherein users can “pin” photos of things they like, want to try or just find interesting.

Why are we talking about this? Well, this also means that Pinterest has access to a remarkable amount of consumer trend data – 320 million users worth, to be exact.

They’ve just released their annual Pinterest 100 list, outlining the past year’s most popular in-app searches. Mercifully, the good folks over at corporate took the liberty of summarizing their findings into a few themes.

Here are the primary take-aways:


The future is non-binary

In 2019, the collective culture continued to chip away at the binary. Gone (finger’s crossed!) are the days where gender, entertainment and fashion are rigidly divided into two categories: male and female.

Pinterest saw significant spikes in several gender neutral related searches – notably a +301% and +99% increase in searches for genderfluid baby names and a wedding ware, respectively.




Consumption will become more woke and eco-oriented.

Apparently Greta Thunberg struck a chord – Pinterest reports that its users were not only concerned about how to help the environment, but mad that it’s gotten this bad, too!

“Climate change protest signs” saw a whopping +5961% search increase last year. Users also turned their skeptical eye inward, looking up things like low waste living (+446%) and solar light crafts (+427%). The data also indicates that thrifting, whether it be for furniture or clothes, also enjoyed renewed interest among Pinterest users. This would all seem to suggest that the general populous is thinking more carefully about their consumption habits.




Self-care for you… and your little dog, too!

Users were really into things wellness this past year. Everything from chicory root (+91%) to a social media detox (+314%), folks are considering all kinds of avenues to improve their mental and physical health. And their letting pets are getting in on the action: pet resorts (+260%), dog patios (+131%) and cat playgrounds (+512%) were at the forefront of consumer searches. Lucky dogs!




Space – the stars, specifically.

While NASA hoodies got some love (+106%) and space tattoos were apparently a thing (+267%) , the real focus was on the stars – literally and figuratively. Constellation piercings did big numbers, but astrology-themed parties took the cake, rounding out at a +247% search spike. We blame that black hole pic and Co-Star for this newfound space craze.




It’s all about the 90s.

We knew fashion was cyclical, but who knew the dot-com era would come back with this much of vengeance. Pinterest users were positively obsessed with the decade: 90s cartoons (+227%), grunge (+292%) and hip-hop fashion (+322%), hair clips (+930%), Y2K outfits (+669%), streetwear (+277%), and – deep breaths – scrunchies. Yes, the notorious poofy hair tie saw a +6309% uptake in searches. Lord help us.





Well, the numbers don’t lie; brands and manufacturers – I hope you’re taking notes.