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Sony Music launches $100M USD social justice and anti-racism fund

Set to foster equal rights.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 30, 2020

Sony Music decided to launch a $100 million USD fund that aims to “support social justice and anti-racist initiatives around the world,” as announced on June 5. The company was set to immediately begin donating to organizations that foster equal rights.


Rob Stringer, the Chairman of Sony Music Group spoke about injustice as a global struggle that affects artists, musicians, songwriters, and society at large. He announced that the company stands against discrimination, and they have decided as such to take action and effectively distributing these funds to deserving communities. This statement and fund, along with many other initiatives in the music and arts industry, has been sparked by the nationwide protests against racial and social injustice. 


Sony Music Group set up the fund in conjunction with their sister entertainment company, Sony Pictures Entertainment. And though this was not the first move towards social injustice by Sony Music (they shared in a previous statement that they would be matching employee donations to social justice organizations in June), it remains a big one. The label has also partnered with mental health and race experts to provide better support for their staff and make these resources readily available. 


In an update that they posted on July 13, the company announced that the assistance will be allocated to individuals engaged in front line medical and first responder efforts, as well as educators who have to work remotely.