‘Squid Game’ Season 2 has officially been green-lit

Is it ethical?

words by: Alee Kwong
Jul 4, 2022

It’s been almost a year since the premiere of the Netflix series that took the world by storm. Squid Game, a South Korean drama series revolving around the darkness of capitalism, broke the streaming platform’s record and became the most watched show in its history — clocking in 1.65 billion hours worldwide.


The wave of South Korean pop culture is nothing new with Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite taking home 4 Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film) in 2020, and the wave of K-pop bands expanding their fanbase to the Western Hemisphere. Don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon because Squid Game is coming back for season 2. Here’s what we know about it so far.



In a letter written to the show’s fans, writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk says, “It took 12 years to bring the first season of Squid Game to life last year. But it took 12 days for Squid Game to become the most popular Netflix series ever.”


In 2009, Hwang tried to pitch this story as a feature film but was instantly shut down and told that his vision was “too unrealistic.” However, rejection didn’t get the best of him. It would take him nearly 10 years to revisit the script. “It was a very strange experience because what seemed so unrealistic at the time didn’t feel as unrealistic any more,” said Hwang.


The news of the show’s return follows the announcement of a reality competition based on the series, called Squid Game: The Challenge. Just as we see in the show, it will challenge 456 contestants to compete for the grand prize of $4.56 million.


Park Hae-soo, who plays Cho Sang-woo (Player 218), couldn’t be prouder of the show, and the impact it had on pop culture. When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Park says, “The fact that we created a uniquely Korean story, with a very Korean subject matter, with all Korean creators – the crew, the staff, and the wonderful cast. The fact that something we prepared for a long time and showcased to the world in the Korean language and filled with Korean culture, the fact that this was loved by so many around the world and so many people related to it, that was something I’m really proud of.”


We’ll be sure to keep you updated on more Squid Game season 2 release news. In the meantime, check out these other Korean movies and TV shows.


Photo via Netflix