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Squire drops FREE guide to help Barbershops survive in pandemic climate

words by: Team ULTRA
Feb 11, 2021

Squire is all about giving back to the community. After months of chopping it up and learning from numerous barbers affected by COVID-19 – the experts – we’re proud to present a guide to surviving this pandemic as a barbershop. The best part is, this guide is FREE.


We want everyone to succeed and make it through this difficult time as a community. Inside our guide you’ll find survival tips and techniques that are tried and true from some of the world’s leading barbers. Additionally, we’ve partnered with BetterHelp, a professional therapy and counseling service, to give anyone looking for some guidance and mental health help a discount. Using the promo code “GETSQUIRE,” you’ll receive 10% off your first month via


Download the Squire Barbershop Survival Guide. We look forward to everyone’s success and a bright future for all.