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SQUIRE gives back to the community with free haircuts and grub

Helping five communities in need.

words by: Team ULTRA
Feb 6, 2020

2020 is here and we are still hype about the work we did in 2019. We are highlighting the SQUIRE team showing up and going out during an important time of year. Five of our account execs went home to get some good holiday grub and set up community outreach with some of the dopest barber shops on the company’s roster. 

They were able to put together toiletry kits, food, and free haircuts for those who in need during the season. Check out what each of them did and the pics they took along the ride. 

Frank did his outreach in Anaheim, California at the La Mesa Emergency Shelter. Peter Doan, owner of Anaheim Barbershop, came through with five of his barbers to help assemble and hand out 100 toiletry bags for the 100 bed shelter. They all handed out the bags, helped serve dinner, and heard success stories of residents transitioning into permanent residences. 



Logan partnered with Proper Hare Barbershop, Falls Barbershop & Hourglass Barbershop to give out toiletry bags and haircuts to the Niagra Falls Community Centre. The Centre itself was a great resource as they provided outreach, food and drinks. Logan said it was heartwarming to see some of the residents after they’ve gotten a cut because a lot of them have never either gotten a professional haircut and haven’t gotten one in years. The Centre and the barbers even asked to form an event like this in the spring. 




In Lake Worth, Florida, Armon was involved with Blurryfades Barbershop to give away 12 sleeping bags. He was introduced to Francky Pierre, A different shade of Love, from Blurryfades owner, Mark, who routinely gives cuts to the homeless population at John Prince Park. Although they do these types of community service regularly, during the holiday season is especially rewarding because it’s a time when the homeless is sometimes forgotten so it’s important to make them feel like a family and community. 




Tyler of Cleveland, Ohio partnered with Waverly, a barber who used to be homeless himself. Waverly gave over 400 haircuts for free to kids before they go back to school after the winter break and during a huge community event in the downtown area where the homeless can receive medical time, free haircuts, and job opportunity advice. 



Lauren found Atlanta’s Ninety Days of Love through a friend. The organization focuses on the transition of youth who have aged out of the foster care system. For the event, 200 families came out and helped serve hot breakfast and helped organize a coat drive, and SQUIRE provided 100 hygiene kits. 


Shouts to everyone involved in #SQUIREGIVESBACK! Especially to the community centers and the barbershops who helped our initiatives come through. Next season will be even more lit.