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SQUIRE’s journey through the United Kingdom

Connecting across the pond.

words by: Radhiya Sabnani
Jun 27, 2019

Over the last ten years, the service industry has completely shifted our culture through its constant developments and changes to society. Between home cleaning, handymen, food delivery services, and much more, these services have revolutionized the industry and created jobs for many individuals. We have shifted into a time where apps are part of our everyday lives, and classic industries like barbershops can make getting a fade available at your fingertips.

SQUIRE is breaking ground as the number one barbershop management software that is available right now. This technology allows one to book and pay for a barbershop appointment in advance, so there’s no waiting around or last minute run to pull out cash. It is also crucial for barbers and shop owners as this software helps manage one’s clients and business more efficiently. Squire is across the board in the United States, Canada, and now we’re breaking ground in the United Kingdom.


The team at Squire recently attended Barber Connect in Telford, UK. If you know anything about travelling to Telford, you know it’s a long journey. Upon landing in London, some of our team took a three hour train ride into Telford where they sat in style and comfort as a result of London’s efficient transportation system. Unfortunately, the rest of us were not so lucky. The rest of our team were in charge of bringing Champs’ barber chair to the convention all the way from London to Telford. We rented a stick shift van and drove for 3 ½ hours outside of London with a barber chair wobbling in the back seat.


The scene at Barber Connect was colorful, fashionable, and hype. Not only was the venue incredible and dope, but we got hooked up by Production 78! Their staff was friendly and cool to work with. Shoutout to Emily Butler for being dope and helping us out! While roaming the floor, you would see different superhero characters walking around the event, while everyone else was decked out in fashion. Unlike the baggy clothing and chains we so often see in America, Telford has an urban punk feel to their style. Not only is everyone inked up from head to toe, but black and white seemed to be the colors which people gravitated to the most. There was constant chatter between barbers, different folks in the industry, fashion lovers, and skin care enthusiasts such as Fab Hair and Beauty!


The venue was walking distance from multiple hotels that hosted the attendees. To give you a better idea, Telford does not have much around it. The event center where Barber Connect took place is in close proximity to different restaurants like Nandos, the Holiday Inn where all of the barbers stayed, and convenience stores all within a tiny radius. Barber Connect also had some of the best grub in addition to a variety of cool restaurants nearby. Later in the night, Squire threw an after party inside the same venue and hooked everyone up with awesome food and drinks. We made sure everyone ended the night on a positive note and had a fun time.


Overall, our booth was a constant attraction space with some of the most highly sought after barbers, such as Champs from London, who did live barber demonstrations. There were also informative talks on education and wellness from Champs’ barber, Fluffy. We were on display to really show how Squire is there to benefit barbers and barbershop owners launch or expand their businesses utilizing our software, while allowing them to live their dream life.


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