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Do stem cell Skincare products actually work?

Don’t always believe the marketing machine.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 11, 2022

Stems cells are powerful cells that create new cells and replace damaged cells. Stem cell therapies can even treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. In skin care however, the claims that stem cell skincare products suggest aren’t much different from non-stem cell skincare products. They both claim to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, firm skin, smooth texture and give you more of an even skin tone. However, stem cells are said to repair the skin and stimulate the growth of tissue, where skin is damaged.


The drawback? The price. The average stem cell skincare product starts around $75 and above. Of course if this really worked, it would be worth the price. But doctors and experts say their is no real evidence that stem cells in skincare could be helpful. Most of the marketing is so over-the-top that you can tell they are just trying to get sales. Aka, don’t give in.


One of the reasons they don’t work so well is cause the stem cells are often from plants. There are tons of effective studies showing the benefits of human stem cells but very little on plant derived stem cells. Since plants aren’t skin, it’s hard to say how plant derived stem cells could benefit the skin.


Not to mention, it’s extremely difficult to maintain live stem cells. The stability of the stem cells in over the counter formulations breaks down in a weird way and lose all its benefits. To survive, the stem cells have to be in a controlled environment in order to get bottled up into creams and serums.


In a lab, stem cells are kept in a petri-dish at 37 degrees Fahrenheit with a specific amount of substances, enzymes, and substrates. Even when they are in this optimal environment, they still have a limited lifespan, meaning there is no way it can provide anti-aging benefits. Not to mention, skin is a barrier and the stem cells have no way to penetrate the barrier.


Moral of the story: Don’t believe the false claims of companies who claim that stem cell skincare products are the way to go. In all honesty, they are just trying to get your money. Think about it, if their product was able to produce skin regeneration results, there would be a social responsibility on their end and yours on how they are obtaining these stem cells. I’d also be concerned about the side effects — scaring, chronic wounds, inflammation, or other sensitivities when using stem cells.


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Photo via Tokyo Weekender