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Are you a minimalist dresser or a strategic minimalist?

A welcomed update to the trend.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 26, 2022

Most people understand what minimalist dressing is. They generally picture someone in a monochromatic outfit—or with very few pieces in their closet—in any effort to be as sustainable as they can. You’ll see these people on the street, on social media, and you have probably been influenced by them at some point in time.


And although we love a good minimalist dresser, after the pandemic years (yes, plural) we’ve had, a large portion of the world is ready to embrace excitement in their wardrobes. Enter: Strategic minimalism.


What is strategic minimalism?

Someone who is a strategic minimalist dresser has upgraded from being a minimalist dresser. They have pieces with intricate details, tasteful colors, eye-catching trims, and new-ish neutral colors. They are not afraid to mix and match textures and color palettes to make a fresh look.


They still believe the main pillars of minimalism: Less is more, and invest in timeless pieces. But, with an increased willingness for self-expression, they are building a wardrobe that’s not boring—and has fun, statement-making staples instead.


Think: Easy classics with a modern twist. Strategic minimalists still look to vintage shops, consignment stores, and social media to find inspiration, but they are also embracing their own personal style. They play dress up and stay clear of things that are too trendy simultaneously.


Ok, so how does this differ from minimalism?

The main difference is that strategic minimalist dressers have closets of classic basics, but with specific twists that makes them different and stand alone. They don’t enjoy spending a ton of time getting dressed, but want to look good and feel comfortable.


It’s this purposeful attention to detail that they are looking for. This can be found in deconstructed classic items–having either different stitching or silhouettes, that allow them to embrace the elegance of the garment, while still feeling themselves.


In short, people who practice strategic minimalism fashion go for elevated everyday staples. They do this by adding extra detail to a staple piece, a new styling technique, or mix go-to uniforms with intentional accessories or shoes.


Strategic minimalists are proving that dressing in simple clothes doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be timeless. And in a time where style is bold due to a lack of self-expression, why shouldn’t you be able to choose which form of minimalism you are ascribing too?