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London: Elton Valentine Cuffe

A lot of influences to his style.

words by: Team ULTRA
Dec 20, 2018

While the Squire team was in London, we were able add Elton Valentine Cuffe, @e_valentinecuffe, to our Street Snaps series. Originally from Jamaica, Elton moved to the tri-state area with his mom and eventually settled his way to London. Coming from an environment that exposed him to a lot of variety, he to came to London to explore as much as he could in a short amount of time by rollerblading, sometimes up to 20 miles a day.

His hustle mainly revolves around fashion, specifically in tailoring but it’s constantly evergrowing. Elton describes his style as effortless but with practicality; brands and names never interested him since he made clothes himself. He just enjoys and feels the most comfortable in a shirt and tie. This attitude relates to his cut too; it depends on how he feels, he could go to his shop, Champs, once a week, sometimes twice or even wait as long as 6 months. But since Champs is like family, he’ll pull up every so often.

Photos by: Wil Suarez