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New York: Marla Jane

Her hair is always a canvas.

words by: Team ULTRA
Feb 17, 2019

This week we have Marla Jane, @marlalalaJane, from New York but a self proclaimed “Boston Bitch” at heart. She’s a vegan and loves to eat and if there’s an adventure in any city she’s in, she’s there experiencing it; she loves to see the nooks and crannies. Marla was big into retail management within the beauty industry for a while, but is now back to her roots- learning about who she am and expressing that in a creative way that everyone around her can connect with in addition to to looking to go back to school get her MA/PhD.

She gets her hair done when it tells her it’s time, when she want a change of pace, or when she misses her stylist. “I go to Studio Nova in Astoria, Queens. But Nina is the only one allowed to touch my hair. Seriously. No one else. My hair is her canvas. We have gotten to the point where it will sometimes just be the two of us in the salon. It’s the longest relationship I have ever been in.

She describes her style as her own — “I get so put down when people comment and say “I could never where that. I could never pull it off.” Anyone can do anything they want, as long as they OWN it. Do what you want and get down with your bad self. This is me, and I am a huge advocate of not letting societies social norms, particularly in the professional world, tell me otherwise. Yes, I may have blue hair, a bee hanging from my nose, and glitter on my face but I will kick ass at any job you give me, mark my word.”

Photos by: Celestia, @wordto_bigbird