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New York: Cam

A free spirit.

words by: Team ULTRA
Apr 1, 2019

This week we are featuring Cam, @camopantsdon, from Holyoke, Massachusetts. He’s a sales associate at Vans Vault on Bowery, but models as a side gig. Cam gets his cut every couple months but mostly when it feel like his hair is just too much and he’s not about the look or just need something new. He doesn’t even have a go-to shop and just goes to whatever one did him right the time before. For his free time he likes to link up with friends back home and just be around them and family. “It’s nice to just relax and be in the different environment.”

He says his style is a reflection of himself. “It’s very colorful, it’s not necessarily embodying what is hot right now, it’s just me I guess. Comfortable, definitely carefully curated and chosen.”

Photos by: Spencer Lloyd Blake, @nineoptics