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New York: Dev

The swag is unreal.

words by: Team ULTRA
Dec 27, 2018

This week’s Street Snaps features Dev (@DEVTFK), a college student based in Nashville. Dev works in retail but is building a resume towards being a creative in the greatest city in the world– NYC. He gets his cut every week from Mark at ‘The Shop, Barber Studio.’ His style definitely fits in with his hair with describing it as as cunty and maximalist.

“It’s in your face, it’s confident with the right amount of edge. I’m not subdued in anything that I do — more is more in my world. I like to reference a time when things were more expressive and echo those unsung heroes before me who paved the way.” You can find Dev in the local gay club working the crowd and getting on the dance floor. “Trust, anytime I’m there, there will be a circle of people around me.”

Photos by: Celestia (@wordto_bigbird)