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Can your Cologne stay on amidst Summer heat?

The scent notes matter.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 2, 2022

Take a long, relaxing shower. Brush your teeth, comb your hair. Pour a cup of coffee. Get dressed and spritz on your favorite cologne and deodorant. Sound familiar? This routine might be typical in the fall, winter, and spring months — but does it work in the heat of the summer?


More specifically, can you embrace your summer cologne among humidity? AKA, will it stick? In hot weather, you might be tempted to spray on more than usual, making colognes overpowering, because they disappear quickly when you start to sweat. So what is the true key to good-smelling survival in the heat?


The first step, selecting lighter versions of your favorite scents. In the summer, skip the heavy full-body scents and opt instead for something that’s sheer and airy; something that will work with the weather instead of against it.


The weather can drastically affect how long your scent lasts, as well as how it smells on your skin. Summer scents are made with different lightweight molecules that easily evaporate in high temperatures. If you are worried about the scent not sticking, try a body oil. That can be used as a lotion that will not only make you smell good, but moisturize your skin as well.


Another solution is to spray the cologne or rub the body oil on your pulse-points (knee, nape of the neck, brachial, carotid, hairline, and temporal artery) to keep the scent on you. If you are spraying it when you have clothes on, just double check that it won’t leave a residue on clothing — especially light-colored clothing.


Although sometimes frowned upon, you can also layer your scents in the summer. Something like bergamot and lemon work great with green tea and watery smells. All in all, fresh and cool scents (bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, and orange) will be the best solution for hot weather in terms of getting your cologne to last throughout the day.


Remember that whatever scent of cologne you use, apply them lightly, as high temperatures make scents stronger. The last thing you’ll want is your summer sweat and odor to mix in with an overwhelming amount of cologne — think of it similar to spraying a large amount of potpourri in a bathroom that you just had an episode in. The overwhelming smells don’t work good together.


And lastly, if you do end up purchasing a cologne formulated specifically with high summer temperatures in mind and don’t end up liking it, you can always wash it off. It’s not like a tattoo, it doesn’t have to stay on if you don’t prefer that.


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