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Supreme taps into fishing market with SOUTH2 WEST8 collab

Do you even fish bro?

words by: Matt Peng
Apr 19, 2021

Following their Spring 2021 tees release, Supreme has decided to partner with Japanese brand SOUTH2 WEST8 in order to transition from the skate game to the fishing game.


For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, SOUTH2 WEST8 is based out of the northern Japanese region known for their amazing seafood, Hokkaido. The brand’s name actually refers to their flagship store in the city of Sapporo (yes, like the beer). Focused on a specific style of fly fishing known as “Tenkara,” SOUTH2 WEST8 has built a loyal following thanks to their knowledge and expertise. Tenkara translates to “From Heaven” or “From the sky” and uses a minimal rod with traditional Japanese hair burrs. If you’ve ever gone fishing or want to, this method is one of the purest forms.



While the brand focuses heavily on the technical gear, they’ve always added their own flair and vibrancy on top of the functionality. Partnering with Supreme, we truly see a capsule collection worthy of spring. Whether or not people wear these pieces to actually go fishing is another story. Both the tops and bottoms are transformable, with zippered arms and legs to convert from long to short. The River Trek Jacket, Bush Parka and Bush Vest all arrive in beautiful graphic patterns as well as black. You can match them with River Trek Pants and Bush Pants.


Matching Belted Pants and Fleece Jackets feature a wide range of color like yellow/brown, black/white and green/orange with barbed wire graphics and branding. You can also opt for a long-sleeve tee in five colors: black, purple, green, brown or white. These have SOUTH2 WEST8’s logo on the pocket, “SUPREME” on both sleeves and a circle barbed wire graphic on the back.


The accessories for this collection are what excites me most. Matching the Bush Parka and Pants are Heavy Mesh Game Bags (small sling bags) and Bush Tulip Hats. Additional headwear includes two Jungle Hats in the River Trek design and a Bush Balaclava. Finally, this capsule really wouldn’t be complete without a fishing rod – specifically a branded red one with a natural wooden colored grip.


As always, the collection is set to release online and in-store in the U.S. and Europe on Thursday, April 22, while Japan gets the drop two days later on April 24.



Photos via Supreme