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Supreme’s Spring 2021 tees arrive this week

Including Miles Davis and Anna Nicole Smith tribute tees.

words by: Matt Peng
Apr 12, 2021

With their Fall/Winter 2020 tees half a year in the rearview, Supreme has prepped their Spring 2021 tees for a release this week. In total, seven new graphic tees will await fans and resellers alike.


The range this time around will feature an Anna Nicole Smith shirt as well as a Miles Davis tee for famous figureheads. Artist features include a “F*ck” candle shirt by Dan Colen and a colorful and playful “Dunk” short-sleeve with dolphins in the sky by Joe Roberts. All four of these will do well with personal fits and for resell purposes most likely, especially that “Dunk” joint.


The three other offerings include a toy pile tee that spells out Supreme in caps, an “I’m Not Sorry” tee with a BDSM teddy bear and an “Apes” tee with Supreme’s logo positioned on top of ape feet. We’re not too crazy about these three.



As always, those looking to purchase in-store can register tomorrow morning via or try your luck on Thursday, April 15 via Supreme’s website. Fans in Japan can look forward to shopping the collection on Saturday, April 17.



Photos via Supreme