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Top 22 must-cop items from Supreme Spring/Summer 2022

How do you top an Airstream?!

words by: Matt Peng
Feb 15, 2022

Just when we thought Supreme couldn’t top their wild selection of apparel and accessories for FW21, they’ve proven us wrong for Spring/Summer 2022. Full of color and flex energy, the latest season promises even more mouth-dropping accessories that we’ve come to love and some unexpected collaborations. We’re going to take you through our 22 must-cop items since it’s now 2022. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not the only one writing 2021 still.


1. Silver Surfer Leather Varsity Jacket

For all the Marvel stans out there. This jacket shows Silver Surfer on the back in a patent leather applique while featuring a Supreme logo in patent leather applique on the front. The pearlized pebbled cowhide leather is paired perfectly with twill taffeta lining to create the iconic shape and feel of a leather varsity jacket.



2. Chainstitch Denim Jacket

I wasn’t kidding when I said color explosion this season. With original artwork by Raúl de Nieves, this 15 oz. cotton denim embroidered piece is an absolute showstopper. You can clearly see Supreme’s logo across the chest while other words and phrases like “god,” “hell,” “dog,” “shitreal,” fun is dead,” and “heaven” are hidden in the pattern for you to find.



3. Full Zip Facemack Jacket

I guess this is the Ye influence combined with some BAPE aesthetics. This cotton blend ripstop jacket features 3M reflective logos on the cuffs and neck but more importantly, there are holes in the full zip hood to allow you to actually see — even if only barely.



4. AOI Glow-in-the-Dark Track Jacket

Anytime you create a piece that’s glow-in-the-dark, people will get excited (even if they won’t admit it). With star and flower graphics by artist AOI covering the back, hood and sleeves, this water-resistant Supplex nylon taslan jacket with mesh and taffets lining is sure to be a spring favorite.



5. Scared Heart GORE-TEX Shell Jacket

Another colorful outerwear staple to add into the rotation is this piece with artwork by Ben Trogdon. If you’re into tattoos or Japanese symbols and tribal style characters, this waterproof GORE-TEX jacket is for you.



6. Tartan Wool Suit

Wedding season is upon some of us. Nothing is more fresh than a nicely fitted suit. This lochcarron wool suit with jacquard logo viscose lining will propel you to a different level. Regardless of which color you opt for.



7. Lil Kim Short-Sleeve Shirt

Lil Kim’s face all over a shirt, enough said.



8. Silver Surfer Short-Sleeve Shirt

Just when you thought the jacket went hard, sheesh. This s/s shirt arrives in two vastly contrasting styles of black and white and full-on color. You can’t go wrong with either honestly.



9. Bling Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

This season’s Bogo will feature a bling-heavy logo. The multi-colored logo on the black hoodie will be the one everyone tries to cop, so get ready. We’re not mad at any of the other color offerings either.



10. Al Green Tee

This season’s famous person tee is none other than the soulful Al Green. The 11-time Grammy Award-winning R&B, soul and gospel artist/reverend gets his greatest hits album cover featured on this tee.



11. Military Boonie

These have been poppin’ again in recent years and whether you actually fish in them or not, they’re a vibe.


12. Airstream Travel Trailer

By far the ultimate flex. When I said Supreme went bigger and wilder than ever, this is what I meant. Imagine a 22-foot trailer with all things Supreme inside — like a couch and blanket. Not to mention all the Moen fixtures, climate control, stereo, HDTV, and enough space to sleep 4 people. Sheesh.



13. Supreme x Rhino Trunk

With a 200 lb. maximum weight capacity, you can live out your rockstar dreams at home. Built from Baltic Birch hard plywood and nickel-plated steel, these trunks are nearly indestructible.



14. Supreme x IT’S OK TOO Cassette Player

Nostalgia meets function. The transparent red cassette player of the present features Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, whatever that means. Who still owns cassette tapes?



15. Supreme x Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (1 Box)

Trying to teach your kids about the culture? This is the answer. Supreme continues their seasonal food item collaborations and offers something that even adults would love to eat.



16. Supreme x B.B. Simon Studded Dog Collar

Does your animal best friend live a better life than you? If not, they can start now with these blinged-out dog collars. Nothing says hype dog like some studs and Supreme branding.



17. Supreme x SpyraTwo Water Blaster

I saw these blasters in the streets last year and wanted one. Stick a Supreme logo on them and now I want it even more. With a blast range of 30 ft. and a max range of 46 ft., this semi-automatic water blaster ain’t the Super Soaker you grew up with. It’s 100 times better.



18. Supreme x Poggi Ugo Planters

For all the home goods lovers out there, Supreme hasn’t forgotten about you. These terracotta planters are beautiful and come in two sizes, 5.24″ and 9.65″. Of course they’re sold separately so good luck grabbing the set.



19. Supreme x Jules Pansu Pillows (Set of 3)

Finally, some throw pillows with a jacquard Supreme logo, taking Pushing P to another level. The set of 3 cotton pillows are each 18 x 18″.



20. Glass Spray Bottle

The perfect complement to your new planters above. These 24 oz. bottles are molded with the Supreme logo, handle with care because you know, glass.



21. Supreme x ChapStick (3 Pack)

Classic Cherry isn’t my go-to flavor for chapstick but I won’t turn down a lip balm that’s branded with Supreme. My inner hypebeast just won’t let it happen.



22. Uncut Box Logo Skateboard

This one is jut really interesting to me. Who’s actually going to cut and skate this?



How to cop

Now that you have an idea of what sort of madness is coming in the coming weeks and months, here’s how to buy it all. Supreme and Dover Street Market’s in-store signups occur every Tuesday morning at 11 AM EST, today’s is already closed unfortunately. In order to purchase select items from the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, head over to on Thursday, February 17 at 11am EST to try your luck online.


While you wait for the drop, check out last season’s must-cop items.


Photos via Supreme