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Supreme to collab with… Ziploc and Oreo?

Because we need hype snacks right?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 19, 2020

What’s the deal with fashion crossing over to the culinary world these days? With In-N-Out making a shoe and now Supreme teaming up with Oreo for SS20. 

Supreme’s seasonal offering always carries its fare share of weird and wild accessories: take, for example, the basketballs and bricks, not to mention their kayaks and pinball machines. So, when we saw the collab between the label and Oreo, we were not that shocked. 

The red logo-emblazoned Oreo comes as just one of the offerings of SS20. Between a set of branded Ziploc bags (perhaps to keep your Oreos in?) and a branded Swiss knife, you can take your pick. The Oreos – which  in particular, have incited quite a reaction from Twitter. 





What to make of this culinary mix with fashion? And, more importantly, are the people buying the Supreme x Oreos eating them or freezing them forever? 

SS20 will be available in Supreme stores starting February 20 and online as of February 27. Good luck to whoever is out to get them.