Need Weekend plans? Why not have a sushi party?

A cute idea for a holiday party.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 4, 2021

I moved into my new apartment nearly four months ago and have yet to have a housewarming party. It’s all I can think about but because I’ve been in and out of town since I moved. I haven’t been around long enough to get my apartment set up. And now that I’m in town, I’m either too busy with work or lack the motivation to set up my kitchen and home properly to have a large amount of people over. That is, until I discovered an at-home sushi party.


First of all, I love cooking. I love mixing and matching different ingredients and blending things into the perfect tasty meal. I love baking things that have hard recipes and being blown away by the flavor. And I love creating handmade cocktails with rich festive ingredients.


So naturally, when I saw you could make your own sushi with a group of friends in the comfort of your home, I was sold. I have to do this for my housewarming. But I had never made sushi myself before, so I was a bit nervous — especially for the sushi rice. After tons of research, I found that curious home chefs can successfully make sushi rolls and have a temaki (hand roll) sushi housewarming party. Don’t believe me? Keep reading for the exact steps so you can do it too.


Rice is the major key

For the initiated, the most important part of sushi is making the rice. Some think it’s the fish, but that is so wrong. The quality of the rice can make or break the experience. And if you’re wondering if all rice is the same, it’s not.


You really can’t buy a random short-grain rice and expect it to be delicious. First, you need to rinse the rice until the water runs clean to make sure all the starch is off. The moisture inside the rice will be less than the regular steamed rice, so remember to cook with less water since you’ll add the sushi vinegar later.


After the rice is properly cooked, transfer the rice to a separate container and pour a good amount of sushi-zu, aka sushi vinegar into the rice and mix the rice. Beware of mixing it too much as the rice can become too sticky. Here, it’s best to act fast and mix the rice in a slicing motion to avoid overdoing it.


In terms of temperature, you want the rice to be lukewarm and not steaming hot. If you notice yours is too hot, turn on a fan.


Now for the nori

The nori or seaweed comes next. Make sure you buy a relatively well-priced nori because cheap nori can leave the entire dish feeling gummy when it makes contact with the rice. You are looking for crisp, flavorful nori to wrap. Experts recommend buying the most expensive or nori imported from Japan at your supermarket for a crisp and flavorful bite every time.


Now to stuff it

The great thing about sushi is you can put anything you like it. Feel free to experiment with tuna, kimchi or even thin cut beef. You can add seasonal vegetables like daikon, cucumber, mushrooms, seaweed salad, or other fish for each bite.


Remember to chop your vegetables thin so it’s easier to boil and bite into. The best part about this is with temaki sushi, anything goes.


From there, you can either make your own soy sauce, hot sauce or grate ginger. Once all is done, invite friends over and either share with them or allow them to join in on the fun of cooking the sushi as well.

And if you have a small kitchen like me, maybe invest in this mini countertop dishwasher to save time cleaning up after the party.


Photo via YouTube