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Sustainable bottle bags are the new trend and we love them

Thanks to Greater Goods.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 27, 2020

Greater Goods, a London-based label founded in 2018, is fabricating sustainable bottle bags from recycled The North Face garments.

The label, dedicated to slow fashion, sustainability, and up-cycling, has recently released a second collection of its bottle bag project crafted from unwanted outerwear. The aim is to promote the use of discarded fabrics, and open the conversation regarding the world’s consumption of fast fashion and its impact on the planet.



The Offcuts Bottle Bags are constructed from the excess fabric of unused and damaged outerwear that the brand uses for its other releases. This makes every bottle bag in the collection unique, since it is not a manufactured product, and the patchwork aesthetic is mined from more than ten separate North Face pieces. The brand also uses sections of military surplus to reiterate its sustainability goals and reducing man-made waste.

Take a look at these bottle bags, which will be released in either medium or large sizes on January 30. Visit Greater Goods’ web store for more info.