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Fire Finds: Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki 727 Puzzle (NTWRK Exclusive)

Art you can put together.

words by: Matt Peng
Sep 4, 2020

We kicked off our Fire Finds series in late July with artist Takashi Murakami’s prints for the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, we’re bringing you another piece of his work for this week’s column. In collaboration with Kaikai Kiki – Murakami’s art production and management company – the artist will release a new puzzle exclusively through NTWRK.


Throughout quarantine, a lot of people turned to puzzles from favorite artists like KAWS and Murakami to add artistic elements to their homes for a cheaper price point than actual prints and paintings. During that time, Murakami released a 727 puzzle that kept many busy. Just like its predecessor, the latest puzzle will also be based on his 1996 “727” painting which highlights his iconic Mr. DOB character.


For this exclusive, the three sectional panels are remixed with different color schemes, transitioning from a lighter blue and white panel into a dark black, red and white panel that features Mr. DOB with various shades of primary colors on his ears, teeth and facial features. The final panel brings back the calm white but the stylized wave that runs across the piece has added colors at its tip and additional streaks of colors like red and green dripping the length of the frame to the edge.


The puzzle itself consists of 1,040 pieces and measures 20×30 in. It’ll retail for $85 and release next week on September 8 at 8pm EST via NTWRK. This is a great piece to purchase and save for the holidays as a gift or keep for yourself when it gets cold and you have to stay indoors.



Photos via NTWRK