Sahar, Staff Writer

Sahar is a writer and (sometimes) an artist based in Brooklyn. She writes about art, culture, tech, and has recently been obsessed with AI.

Natasha, Staff Writer

Natasha is a journalist based in New York City. Prior to journalism she worked as a stylist at high fashion magazines and luxury houses. Her writing spans across grooming, fashion, activism and lifestyle. When she's not behind her computer, you can find her dancing or traveling the world.

Alee, Staff Writer

Alee is a New York-based creative from San Francisco. When she isn't having an existential crisis, you can catch her playing rhythm games, impulsively buying skincare, or listening to Jersey club and nightcore remixes during her insomnia episodes.

Kayla, Associate Editor

Kayla is a writer and pop culture obsessive born and raised in Chicago. If she isn't reading or eating, she's most likely daydreaming about being a talking head in an HBO documentary.

Madeline, Content Coordinator

Madeline loves to execute big dreams, eat her way through the city & get her nails done for any and every occasion.

Matt, Digital Editor

Matt is a born and raised New Yorker. As a creative, you can catch him wearing multiple hats, figuratively and literally. He’s waiting for the day he can write about the Mets winning the World Series, in his lifetime.

Curvel, Creative Director

Creatively designing every parts of my unknown future, creating content through all mediums – living to learn with no regrets. And a passion for ocean beauty.