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The best men’s grooming products to use in 2020

7 of this year’s top products.

words by: Team ULTRA
Feb 27, 2020

2020 is the year for men’s grooming – the market, it seems, has become void of jargon and products have become more science-backed. Which is to say, men’s grooming products are beginning to take over the shelves. 

Here are some of the best products we’ve found for all things grooming.


ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm

Clarins – $35 

Like many other well-known brands, Clarins has caught on to the men’s grooming game. This year, the brand released a trio of new moisturisers for men. We recommend their transparent Super Moisture Balm that is non-greasy and great for all-year-round use.



Lab Series Day Rescue Defense Lotion SPF 35

Amazon – $29 

Lab Series’ Day Rescue Lotion SPF 35 is one of the moisturisers that successfully includes a broad-spectrum sunscreen without being overly greasy (or sticky). The scent is incredibly subtle and won’t overpower any fragrance you have on. We like this product because its benefits are multifold: the price is just right, it protects against premature wrinkling, and sunburn, and it has the right consistency. 


CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Amazon – $14 

CeraVe’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser’s formula is not only approved by the National Eczema Association, but it’s also constructed in a way that won’t clog pores and is very gentle (i.e.suitable) for all kinds of skin. This facial wash is so good that you can go without moisturiser for the rest of the day – now tell us that’s not a deal!


Baxter of California Clay Mask AHA

Baxter of California$24 

Now more than ever men are taking self-care more seriously, so it’s no surprise that this mask was the most popular for the cleanser category. 

Baxter of California’s branding as well as their product is simple and cuts straight to the point. The kaolin and clay draw out the dirt and oil hidden in your skin, and the aloe component as well as the sugar acids buff away dead skin. How about you try it for yourself?



Jaxon Lane Bro Mask

Amazon -$28


This Bro Mask is, believe it or not, an amazing face mask. It is specifically designed for men (which is rare). Other men’s grooming brands are still making charcoal mud masks, but the Bro Mask bypassed this whole phase and went straight for hydro-gel. Making Bro Mask out of hydro-gel makes it better able to bind to the skin, even when there is stubble or short facial hair present, and remains moist for longer, allowing better absorption of the serum. 


Sure Men Advanced Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant

Rite Aid – $1.99

If aerosols aren’t for you, SureMen has got you covered. Essentials like deodorant need to do two things: they need to be in a friendly size to fit anywhere and they need to provide long protection. SureMen’s 72-hour protection is no joke, add to that the fact that it’s so cheap! We’ve got a winner over here. 


Sachajuan Scalp Conditioner

Amazon – $28

Dandruff is not just bad embarrassing, it’s actually bad for your hair. A dry scalp yields to dry hair, and you’ll be more likely to shed hair. If you don’t want that happening, Sachajuan’s Scalp Conditioner has been dubbed the “beast” of taming dry scalps and dry hair. Climbazole, piroctone olamine, and salicylic acid exfoliate and destroy the outer layer of dry skin – flakes and all – while rosemary oil, ginger extract, and oat oil soothe irritation and redness. It also comes with a pretty bottle so what are you still waiting for?