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The hype around Converse

Something different.

words by: Ronaldo Espinoza
Apr 27, 2020

The modern man will remember the first time they fell in love with a shoe. For me, it wasn’t the latest Air Jordan, or a classic chunky sneaker, or one of Gucci’s timeless loafers – it was the special-edition of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor’s emblazoned with Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Black Bean Soup design.


The shoe has transcended scenes for it’s comfort, accessibility, and history – these shoes were cool before members of The Strokes made the worn-dirty white converse chic. Their association with cool has been as long-running as the early 1900s, when it was more associated with a modern alternative to the “court shoe.” It became the footwear of choice for the refined man-of-the-town long before it became a symbol of the indie elite.

Contemporary streetwear’s fervent following has stood in stark comparison to the Converse craze, but these two crowds are more alike than one might think. It’s a completely different vibe than the one turning the corner for the new Jordans, but we’re not so different deep down. It all boils down to a love of comfort, a love of aesthetic, and a feeling of belonging. 

We’re not dragging you for spending as much as you do on the next sneaker collab with a big fashion house, but why not turn your eye (and your pocket) to another kind of footwear?