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Fire Finds: The Little Car Company x Tamiya Wild One MAX

Honey, I made that RC toy car real.

words by: Matt Peng
May 7, 2021

Nowadays, we take the technology in drones and anything remote controlled for granted. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, RC actually stood for radio controlled – and RC cars were the sh*t. Having to assemble your own model car was the past time of many kids, myself included. One of the most, if not the most trusted brand in the game is Tamiya. The Japanese toy experts are now stepping up the scale of their operations. In a collaborative project alongside The Little Car Company, a British car manufacturer, the two are creating a life-size Wild One RC toy car.




The original Tamiya Wild One (58050) dropped in 1985 as part of the “Electric Radio Control Series” and featured a driver in the off-road buggy. At the time of release, it was a fan favorite because of its clean aesthetic and durability.


In 2012, the company re-released the Wild One (58525) and the product has now been discontinued. It goes for around $500 on eBay if you were wondering.


Still, the iconic roll cage and headlights have inspired generations of car fanatics. The cult-like love for the model has even spawned a real-life licensed version.



The re-release of re-releases

Officially licensing the product from Tamiya, The Little Car Company is bringing the 1/10 scale model to life in the form of an 8/10 scale off-roader. Who said adults can’t live like kids? Like the model kits of the past, this Wild One MAX will require come assembly as well. You can also be a bore and have it built for you.


Meant to be a working toy that you can actually drive around, the rear-wheel drive off-road buggy will have a top speed of 30mph. Powered by a 5.5bhp generator, the electric buggy will weigh around 550 lbs. and measure 11.5 ft. long and 5.9 ft. wide. You get the full racing experience with an adjustable seat, hydraulic Brembo disc brakes, regenerative braking, racing steering wheel, digital gauges and 15″ off-road tires.


There’s also a promise of upgrades – just like with the toys – for faster speeds, more power and the possibility to make it road legal in some countries.


How do I get one?

The Little Car Company is launching the project in 2022. Currently, you can pre-order your Tamiya Wild One MAX with a £100 GBP (~$140 USD) fully-refundable deposit on The expected starting retail price will be £6,000 GBP (~$8,330 USD). But let’s be honest, save up a bit more cause you’ll want the upgrades.


Now all I need to do is move out of New York City and into a part of the country that affords me a backyard playground to drive this thing around – at least I have a year to get that done.



Photos via The Little Car Company/Tamiya USA