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NYC’s The Little Island is the spot to be this summer

Recently opened on the west side.

words by: Alee Kwong
May 25, 2021

One of the best ways to welcome the summer weather in New York City is by kicking back at a local park, setting up a little picnic situation, and sharing a bottle of wine with friends. Now, imagine this park scenario with the added perk of being able to see a beautiful waterfront view and a city skyline of the West Side. Basically perfect, I know.


The Little Island opens

The highly anticipated Little Island, the newest public park at Pier 55, opened last Thursday. In 2013, Barry Diller, in partnership with Hudson River Park Trust leadership, envisioned a new beginning for the pier. Born from a collaboration of the UK-based Heatherwick Studio and the New York-based landscape architecture firm MNLA, led by Signe Nielsen, the park’s imaginative design offers all New Yorkers and visitors a new public space that is whimsical, captivating, and restorative.




What is The Little Island?

The Little Island’s landscape concept was meant to be that of a leaf on floating water – a visually inspiring and surprising element in contrast to the cramped and bustling New York City landscape. When you enter the park, it feels as if you are walking along a bridge that is taking you to another realm.


This park not only has an abundance of lush green grass to enjoy a relaxing summer day, but also has an amphitheater with ample seating, a small performance stage in a little pocket of the park, an overlook that gives you a breathtaking view of the Hudson River, and food trucks serving the perfect park bites and drinks.



As of right now until September 30, you can book a timed-entry reservation to visit the park. With The Little Island open and an abundance of fun opportunities this summer, it’s safe to say that New York is definitely not dead.


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Photos via The Little Island/Jelena Wong