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The most outrageous shit people are panic buying during COVID-19

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 17, 2020

Although many are optimistic that most state lockdowns will end by summertime, no one truly knows how long this pandemic will last. Experts have advised on purchasing essential items only. We should all be saving our coins as best we can. However, all this commotion has a few people buying items to make them feel better. Or in fear that the world is actually ending, items they always wanted but never had a reason to buy. 

And because Twitter never ceases to amaze us, below we shared our favorite outrageous buys while quarantined. 




When I reached out to my personal circle, I laughed at some of the responses. A good friend of mine shared that her 60 year old dad decided to elevate his home projects and bought an old, busted RV for $1400. “I admit I’ve never wanted an RV, but it’ll keep me busy,” he says.

Another friend, Steven, resides in New York and bought 16 packs of hand warmers from Amazon. He confesses, “they were on sale, and no one knows how long this will last!” I think the best response though, came from my childhood friend in the below text.  



Listen, we are all doing our best to find the joy. If that means purchasing out of the ordinary items, so be it. 



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