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The new Dior luggage looks a lot like my Target bag

Save yourself $2,000+.

words by: Jacob Seferian
Jan 17, 2020

Dior has joined forces with RIMOWA to create custom luggage. Travel in style? OK, I’ll bite. But when product shots of the much anticipated collab hit the Internet, a startling. These bags look a lot like the hardside carry-on I bought at Target. Admittedly, mine doesn’t have “DIOR” written in the middle, nor is it made of aluminum… but if I’m gonna spring 2.5K for some luggage, I’d hope it wouldn’t look like a spruced up version of $79 department store purchase.

Take a look for yourself.

Now, this is my Target suitcase.

Listen, I’m not saying Target should sue, but I do have eyes. If you’re going for that Dior look, may I suggest a label maker? They cost $25 on Amazon.